Monday, December 17, 2012

Changing from zazzle to zazzle and much more.

Although I just started this blog, I decided to make some changes. I think that focusing exclusively on zazzle gifts is too limiting for me. Don't get me wrong,  I love zazzle and there will be lots to see from the creative designers who love it too. However, as my zazzle store name Magnolia Vintage suggests, I enjoy vintage art, scraps, scrap booking, etc.

My other passion is genealogy.
I have a handwritten family tree for my paternal ancestors which was researched by my Father's first cousin and dated August 1984. She went as far back as 1800, the year of the birth of my 4th great grandfather. Then I decided to start my own research in 2003, which was my Mother's 90th birthday. At that time I received a handful of family postcards from the 1920's. I had also inherited an antique photo album with about 20 tintypes and 10 carte de visite photo cards. In 2009, my older sister joined me in researching our family and we have gone as far back as the 1600's. Like a treasure hunt and then piecing together a patchwork quilt!

A free gift for you:
Here's a cute Santa from my collection of vintage cards. To download - just right click and save.
Hope you like it and will considering following my blog.

Welcome to my first follower! Thanks and enjoy.

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