Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Art Nouveau - Precious Stones by Mucha - Sold

Alphonse Mucha renowned Art Nouveau Artist:

The following two designs are from from his series "The Precious Stones" 1900. The series included four designs: Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby and Topaz. I have included the birth months that are represented by these gemstones. Amethyst - February; Emerald - May; Ruby - July; and Topaz - November. I have added a background in rich tones to compliment the art work. Perfect for someone special. Enjoy.

The Speckcase and the greeting card show below were recently sold at my Zazzle shop - MagnoliaVintage Cards and Gifts. Actually, the "Emerald" card has been purchased by two different customers in the UK. The "Ruby" Speckcase is on it's was to someone in the US. 

I have always found Mucha's designs to be simply beautiful. Rich colors and attention to the details of the women he portrays. Mucha often used the circle or wreath as a background feature.

Many thanks to my customers.

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