Monday, February 8, 2016

Sold - WPA post from the 1930's.

I recently sold this WPA poster. I wonder who is using it? Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy.

WPA poster for statistics of the Employment and Activities of the Federal Art Project. Includes Fine Arts - 49%; Practical Arts - 29%; Education - 16%; and Miscellaneous - 6%. Black and white graph, each figure represents 100 project workers. The Federal Art Project (FAP) was the visual arts arm of the Great Depression-era New Deal Works Progress Administration Federal program in the United States. It operated from August 29, 1935, until June 30, 1943. Reputed to have created more than 200,000 separate works, FAP artists created posters, murals and paintings. Some works still stand among the most-significant pieces of public art in the country. Included fine arts, practical arts, education and some miscellaneous projects.  

Federal Art Project Employment Statistics Poster

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